Social Solidarity Economy (SSE)

The Social Solidarity Economy (SSE) component attempts to strengthen the broad SSE ecosystem, which includes, among others, neighbourhood-level initiatives, commons, and members of the research community. To this end, it provides support to economic partnerships and sectoral networks and unions of SSE bodies, while particular emphasis is given on issues such as care, future of work, housing, digital transformation, sustainable agri-food systems, post-growth and degrowth. Local SSE ecosystems and local authorities that embrace and promote participatory process are fundamental for the co-construction of place-based public policies towards the socio-ecological transformation.

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Pathways out of the Crisis

PUBLICATION (available only in Greek)
The present publication comes to highlight the ecosystem of the Social Solidarity Economy (SSE) through the eyes of the people involved in the projects. It is based on the so far unique nationwide research on SSE initiatives, conducted in 2016 and 2017. Although at first glance this publication may seem out of place in 2021, we believe that it can provide a benchmark for both the present and the future of SSE, a field that is flourishing under diverse and volatile circumstances.
cover page Bulidng Energy Communities

Building Energy Communities

Law 4513/2018 aspires to combine Social and Solidarity Economy (SSE) and the energy sector and introduces a new type of civil cooperative of exclusive purpose, the Energy Community (EC). ECs constitute an important  tool  for achieving fair energy transition in the country.  This guide clarifies the framework in which ECs operate, their role in a fair energy transition while providing both theoretical and practical information for their development.
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