From Turkey, to Greece to the Western Balkans – the South-East of Europe plays a crucial role, when it comes to migration to and within Europe. This part of Europe serves as an entry point or a corridor but more and more also as a host region, in which people are de facto stuck. Increasingly the recent years have brought challenges throughout the region for both, people on the move as well as host communities. Many of these challenges are common within this part of Europe despite all other differences: growing pressure against and shrinking space for migrants and those showing solidarity with them and the absence of a functioning and effective human rights oriented EU migration policy. We believe that capacities and resilience to face these challenges can be enhanced through networking, mutual learning and synergies across borders. Therefore, we try to connect and thereby strengthen refugees, migrants and host communities as well as civil society throughout the region. At the same time, we support their voices and perspectives being heard and taken into consideration by EU decision makers.

International congress

Shipwrecked. Rethinking migration and asylum in Europe

24-25 June 2024, Thessaloniki, Greece

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In defence of defenders Italian

In difesa dei Difensori

This publication is a practical guide created by the Border Violence Monitoring Network and the Heinrich Böll Foundation, Thessaloniki Office, in order to support human rights defenders by showing them mechanisms and avenues for help and self-defence in cases of criminalisation – something that is unfortunately becoming increasingly common in Europe and especially in areas receiving refugees and migrants. After English, Greek and BHS (Bosnian-Croatian-Serbian), it is now also published in Italian by our Paris Office, including a section specifically on the reality in Italy.
Who guards the guards cover

Who guards the guards?

This legal opinion written by the non-profit organization front-LEX elaborates on the accountability of Frontex under EU law for ongoing violations of the fundamental rights of asylum seekers, committed in relation to its activities in Greek waters.
In defence of defenders

In defence of defenders

Migration as well as supporting people in flight is increasingly treated as a criminal act in Europe. This toolkit, created by Border Violence Monitoring Network and Heinrich Böll Stiftung Thessaloniki, seeks to support affected Human Rights Defenders by showing them mechanisms and avenues for help and self-defence in cases of criminalisation at various levels.
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