Understanding the New Pact: How the EU is abolishing the right to asylum - Border Violence Monitoring Network

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Understanding the New Pact: How the EU is abolishing the right to asylum

Our partner organization Border Violence Monitoring Network recently hosted a webinar titled 'Understanding the Pact: How the EU is Abolishing the Right to Asylum', which we were happy to support. In light of the complexity and intransparency of the reform process, this webinar not only provided much needed elaborations on the proposed changes to the Common European Asylum System, but also the potential implications these would have in different EU Member States. Given the pressure under which the current trilogue negotiations are held, in order to reach an agreement between the co-legislators, namely the Commission, the Council, and the Parliament, before Christmas, this webinar is a timely intervention to unpack the migration pact. Thanks to great speakers from Refugee Support Aegean, Association for Juridical Studies on Immigration (ASGI), the University of Keele and the Helsinki Foundation for Human Rights, who all are very experienced with regard to their respective context the webinar sheds light on the pact and its main regulations (Screening, Asylum Procedures, and the topic of ‘instrumentalisation’) and how their implementation would look like, given the realities in Greece, Italy, Turkey and Poland. Watch the webinar recording with links to the audio of live translations into Arabic, Turkish and BCS. Additionally, the Border Violence Monitoring Network published a short summary of the discussions in Arabic, Bulgarian, BCS , Farsi, French, Greek, Polish, Spanish and Turkish, on their website, here.