Collection of articles with regard to political developments in Greece and in Europe.


The flaws of the European Economic and Monetary Union have led to a severe legitimation crisis in the European Union, resulting in the detachment of more citizens from a Europe that is defined by capitalism, liberal democracy, human rights protection, rule of law and sustainable economic development. The results of the European Elections 2014 have shown that a large part of European voters has turned to policies that advocate the strengthening of the national state and the independence of regions seeking greater cohesion and solidarity. The Heinrich-Böll-Foundation aspires to foster the dialogue in establishing ideas that will promote a new European vision, which will inspire citizens to fight for a united and politically integrated Europe. The Foundation reaches out to the youth of Europe, offering them opportunities to strengthen their networks and encouraging them to claim their future by creating a new European narrative.


Forty Years after the Fall of the Dictatorships: Why Greece and Portugal Matter to the European Union