The Heinrich-Böll-Stiftung in Greece

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Since June 2012, the Heinrich Böll Stiftung has maintained a representation in Greece, based in Thessaloniki. With the aim of contributing to overcoming the crisis and strengthening the country's European perspective, we promote dialogue and the implementation of reform proposals that lead to a transformation of the country's economy and society towards a social-ecological development model. With these goals in mind, we implement projects in cooperation with diverse partners in following fields:

Social and Solidarity-based Economy

Providing information, supporting and networking stakeholders, developing proposals to improve the legal framework and government policy, developing teaching and learning materials and training events

Ecology and Green Growth

Publications and educational projects for the promotion of the fair energy transition, the fight against energy poverty, the promotion of circular economy, green urban development, support and networking of citizens' initiatives, among others in the fields of renewable energies and citizen's energy, environmental protection, reuse and recycling

Deepening Democracy

Non-formal education projects promoting respect for diversity and human rights, introduction of school mediation in Greek schools, promotion of integration of disadvantaged groups, dialogue for the future of Europe, projects promoting open governance and civic participation.


Τhe staff

Michalis Goudis, Director, Michalis.Goudis[at]

Giorgos Melissourgos, Program Coordinator - Social Solidarity Economy, Giorgos.Melissourgos[at]

Evangelos Astyrakakis-Aslanis, Coordinator of the Democracy Programme - Gender Focal Point, e.astyrakakis[at]

Neda Noraie-Kia, Head of Migration Policy Europe, Neda.Noraie-Kia[at]

Kyriaki Metaxa, Program Coordinator - Ecology, kyriaki.metaxa[at] 

Agapi Tsampazi, Program Coordinator - Ecology, Office Manager, agapi.tsampazi[at]

Athanasios Serafeim, Finance Coordinator, a.serafeim[at]