Agapi-Evangelia Tsampazi
Coordinator of the Ecology Programme, Office Manager
Αγάπη-Ευαγγελία Τσαμπάζη

Agapi-Evangelia Tsampazi was born in Thessaloniki and studied at the Department of Civil Engineering of AUTh. Through the course of her studies, she discovered her interest in the Environment and Ecology, a fact that led her to the postgraduate program of DUTH for Environmental Engineering and Science.

She worked mainly as a freelancer engineer in various companies in Thessaloniki and Athens. Since 2019 she has undertaken a part of program coordination related to Ecology, contributing together with the rest of Thessaloniki office’s team to the work of the Heinrich Boll Foundation in Greece

Her work focuses mainly on issues of Circular Economy and Sustainable Mobility in combination with the public green space.