Michalis Goudis
Director, Heinrich Böll Stiftung, Thessaloniki Office - Greece
Μιχάλης Γουδής2

Michalis was born in Thessaloniki, Greece. His Journalism and Mass Communication studies at Aristotle University were followed up by Radio & Data Journalism training at LfM in Düsseldorf and at DJS in Munich.

As a journalist in Greece, he has reported, published and broadcasted for several magazines, online media and radio stations, while freelancing- especially at peak of the Eurozone crisis- for numerous European Media, including among others DIE ZEIT, ZDF, Songlines and Nieuwsuur.

Moving to Brussels, after a valuable learning experience at the Press Unit of the European Parliament, starting in July 2013 and over a period of 7 years he’s been leading the communications work of Housing Europe, while being actively involved in the International Social Housing Festival.

In the meantime, his persistent interest in cities gave a twist to his professional and educational path with a Master's degree in Human Geography & Spatial Planning.

Summer 2020 includes an exciting professional turning point that brings him back to his hometown to head the Heinrich Böll Stiftung Office in Greece with its talented team working closely with a wide range of partners on democracy, ecology and social solidarity economy.