Our work in the Ecology component aims to an ecological transformation of the society and economy in Greece and Bulgaria towards carbon neutrality, focusing on two key areas; socially and gender just energy transition and circular economy. Through our work we therefore underline the contribution of energy democracy to a just energy transition and to tackling energy poverty. We highlight the often overlooked potential and opportunities inherent in this transition process. We seek to raise awareness among producers and consumers to change their behavior towards sustainable solutions on issues such as plastic waste reduction, mobility and agroecology. Furthermore, we seek to unite the voices of all key actors involved or having a stake in the just transition of the Greek society and economy (NGOs, local communities, businesses, activists, etc.) and to support open dialogue with the competent authorities at a regional, national and local level. Finally, through our extensive network of offices abroad we facilitate the exchange of knowledge and the collaboration of civil society and experts from Greece and the Balkans with agencies, institutes and other experts.

Green Deal in Greece

In July 2021, the European Commission presented the Green Deal, which aims to make the European Union climate neutral by 2050. In this dossier, you will find a wealth of material on how the European Green Deal can be tailored to the Greek context. It is a fruitful dialogue around this strategy, the opportunities as well as the challenges entailed in its implementation in Greece.

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Report on energy community Poland cover

Power to the People

This paper presents key elements of both the legal framework and lessons learnt from the community energy initiative’s actions in Greece, Serbia, Poland and Bulgaria. The report is a summary with the main findings from a relevant workshop organised in the meantime of the Community Energy Spring Gathering that both took place in Athens on 8-10 of May 2023.
The social impact of EC in Greece

The social impact of energy communities in Greece

This report presents the impact of energy communities at a time when citizen participation in the energy transition and energy democracy emerge as particularly important issues. The report aims to inspire and inform citizens and institutions so as to deepen their understanding of the special characteristics of energy communities and take initiative in creating and supporting them.
Cover of the analysis

"Clean" Energy Bills for all citizens in the EU

Well-designed energy bills are a key tool for consumers in the energy transition. The analysis “‘Clean’ Energy Bills for all citizens in the EU; a subject to an examination” aims at registering the content, structure, and format of the electricity bills in EU27, and examine their contribution to consumers’ empowerment to play an active role in the clean energy transition.
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