The Heinrich-Böll-Foundation in Greece

Heinrich Böll Foundation is a Berlin-based think tank for policy reform and an international network, affiliated to the German Green party. As part of the “green” global political movement, it has developed in contrast to the traditional political trends of socialism, liberalism and conservatism. The basic values of the Foundation are ecology, sustainability, democracy, human rights, self-determination and justice. Gender democracy plays a special role for the Foundation, as do social emancipation and equal rights between women and men and between cultural and ethnic minorities. Since June 2012, Heinrich Böll Foundation has been represented in Thessaloniki, Greece. Its objective is to strengthen political dialogue and reinforce Greece’s European perspective through projects which enhance cooperation in order to bring forth alternative solutions for social-ecological growth.


Τhe staff of the Foundation

Olga Drossou, Director, οlga.drossou[at]

Sofia Adam, Program Coordinator - Social Solidarity Economy, sofia.adam[at]

Evangelos Astyrakakis, Program Coordinator - Democracy, e.astyrakakis[at]

Kyriaki Metaxa, Program Coordinator - Ecology, kyriaki.metaxa[at] (on leave)

Athanasios Serafeim, Finance Coordinator, a.serafeim[at]

Agapi Tsampazi, Program Coordinator - Ecology, agapi.tsampazi[at]