Communities and Commons

The local SSE initiatives in exchange - hybrid discussion

The Educational Platform for SSE // in collaboration with the Hellenic Union of Students and Alumni/-ae at MSC. in Social and Solidarity Economy of H.O.U. are organizing a series of interconnected events in four cities in Greece. The second event of the series "The Local SSE Initiatives are Discussing" will focus on "Communities and Commons".

The event will begin with a short introductory presentation by Sofia Adam, who will try to open a reflective discussion on communities and commons. Are communities more closed or open, more homogeneous or heterogeneous, more horizontal and participatory or hierarchical and bureaucratic, isolated or networked, operating at the micro-scale or at higher scales? Afterwards, invited initiatives of various levels of maturity from Attica, Epirus, Central Macedonia and Crete (e.g. urban communities, neighbourhood initiatives, eco-communities, etc.) will share their diverse experiences.

At this point, it is worth clarifying that the term commons refers to an economic, social and political system. As the Alphabet of the Commons states:

The commons include goods that communities manage according to rules and standards that they themselves have defined. The commons therefore consists of three interrelated levels: the good, the community and the regulatory framework.

Taking the above into account, this event will focus on the dynamic role of communities in their efforts to create, maintain and expand the commons, but also on the internal and changing over time characteristics of communities themselves.

It should be noted that this event will take place simultaneously in four internet-connected venues in Athens (Open Lab Athens, Kerkiras 30), Heraklion, Thessaloniki (To Oraion Ntepo, Vafopoulou 18) and Ioannina (WOW branding & design, Aravantinou 12).


Educational Platform for the Social Solidarity Economy // 

The Educational Platform for the Social Solidarity Economy // is the brainchild of cooperation among individuals, collectives and institutions that support the development of the Social Solidarity Economy (SSE) in Greece. The whole effort has been based on an open and participatory methodology both in its design and in implementation, involving an ever expanding network of individuals, collectives and institutions.

The aim of this association is to expand SSE via the strengthening of its existing cells. This is facilitated by both the creation, development and maintenance of a public space, in the form of a digital tool, for the promotion of education, transfer of know-how, as well as the exchange of experiences and good practices, and the provision of educational workshops and seminars from, with and for SSE initiatives.


Hellenic Union of Students and Alumni/-ae at MSC. In Social and Solidarity Economy of H.O.U.

The Hellenic Union of Students and Alumni/-ae at MSC. in Social and Solidarity Economy (SSE) of H.O.U. is the result of a coordinated team effort that started in 2020 by graduates and students of this postgraduate programme. Based on the principles and values of SSE, the association was established and operates on the principles of democracy, inclusion, participation, equality and horizontal democratic governance, seeking the active participation of its members in its operation.

The purpose of the association is to develop a continuous cooperation with the educational community to improve the curriculum of the relevant M.Sc., to promote related curricula to other educational institutions, to connect its members to the contemporary economic and social reality, and to disseminate the principles and good practices of SSE for the initiation, expansion and promotion of the field.



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