PERSPECTIVE TO STAY - Panel 6 - People on the move conference - Heinrich-Böll-Stiftung Sarajevo

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People on the Move: (Still) stuck in the corridors to the EU #6

People on the Move: (Still) stuck in the corridors to the EU “Status quo and Perspectives”

Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina, 31 March and 1 April 2022
Organised by the Heinrich Böll Foundation offices Sarajevo and Thessaloniki


Panel session #6

Perspective to stay - ways forward

  • Radoš Đurović, APC, Serbia
  • Emir Prcanović, Vaša Prava, Bosnia and Herzegovina
  • Antonia Pindulić, legal expert and activist, Centre for Peace Studies, Croatia
  • Andrea Kontenta, Italy

Moderator: Karolina Augustova


HBS offices Sarajevo and Thessaloniki brought together experts, grassroots activists, academia, practitioner and policy-maker from the region, the so called Balkan route as well as from the EU level, to have an in-depth look at the current status-quo of migration policies in Bosnia and Herzegovina, the Balkans and the EU, taking the latest developments in Ukraine into consideration. Over two days conference covered different aspects and challenges such as: - shrinking space/criminalization of people on the move and those showing solidarity with them, - media coverage of migration, mainstream narratives and hate speech, - "border management", the securitization of borders, - pushbacks and deportations, - asylum politics and alternative perspectives to stay.