Bridges #2 Parliament in Exile. Afghan Women's Resilience and the EU's Responsibility to Act - Heinrich Boell Foundation - Office Thessaloniki

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Bridges - Encounters on Migration and Asylum in Europe #2 Parliament in Exile. Afghan Women’s Resilience and the EU's Responsibility to Act

"Bridges" is about bringing together different people on relevant questions on migration and asylum in Europe. "Bridges" thereby seeks to connect people whose paths would not necessarily cross otherwise and thereby create a conversation on timely topics of mutual interest.

In our second "Bridges" session we welcome Mrs. Nazifa Yusufi Bek, who is an elected member of the Afghan parliament and co-founder of the so called "Parliament in Exile" - a group of female Afghan parliamentarians who had to flee their country and who currently are in Athens. Of the former 69 female MPs of the Afghan parliament around 25 are currently in exile in Greece. They have found a network to be able to better raise awareness for the situation of their fellow Afghan people back home and to jointly express their political proposals and positions towards the international community. Together with Dr. Hannah Neumann, member of European Parliament and the peace and human rights spokesperson of "The Greens/European Free Alliance (EFA)" as well as vice-chair of the Human Rights Committee (DROI) -who had recently come to visit the network in Athens- this session will introduce the "Parliament in Exile" and shed a light on the situation of Afghanistan's women, inside the country, in transit or in exile and hereby look into the EU's potential role to support these brave women.



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