Democracy & Participation

In Greece, the global financial and economic crisis has brought about a crisis in the democratic function of the state’s institutions and in the political system in general. The people have lost faith in the once dominant political parties and democratic institutions, as well as in the particularistic social state. The place of these has been replaced by anti-parties, populism and sterile opposition. In the margin of this shrinking and fragmented social state, more and more citizens are taking initiative and participate in self-organisation and solidarity actions on the basis of a universal value system, which does not discriminate against people, poor or ill, Greek or foreign. However, the development of a far-right, racist and homophobic network defines solidarity in terms of nationalistic criteria, thus disrupting social solidarity and cohesion. The Heinrich-Böll-Foundation enhances and initiates actions towards non-discriminatory democratic inclusion policies and fosters civil society participation procedures.

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Ecology & Economy

Heinrich-Böll-Foundation is aiming to support people in realizing their visions and actions towards a sustainable, social and ecological society through the transformation of the economy and the enabling of people to live an independent life through their own work, both now and in the future. This form of sustainable development is possible in Greece too. Through the Green New Deal, which aims at a green industrial revolution, many new jobs can be created in sectors such as sustainable energy production, green means of  mobility and transportation or sustainable waste management. At the regional and local level, citizens are in search of new forms of cooperation and synergies in the form of social economy and social cooperatives. The Heinrich-Böll-Foundation in Greece aims to foster the emerging socio-ecological and participatory spirit which contributes to Greece’s exit from the crisis through publications, films, trainings, open discussions and conferences and by strengthening cooperation between municipalities, organisations and civil society initiatives making the best of its european and international partner network.

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The flaws of the European Economic and Monetary Union have led to a severe legitimation crisis in the European Union, resulting in the detachment of more citizens from a Europe that is defined by capitalism, liberal democracy, human rights protection, rule of law and sustainable economic development. The results of the European Elections 2014 have shown that a large part of European voters has turned to policies that advocate the strengthening of the national state and the independence of regions seeking greater cohesion and solidarity. The Heinrich-Böll-Foundation aspires to foster the dialogue in establishing ideas that will promote a new European vision, which will inspire citizens to fight for a united and politically integrated Europe. The Foundation reaches out to the youth of Europe, offering them opportunities to strengthen their networks and encouraging them to claim their future by creating a new European narrative.

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