The Heinrich Böll Foundation in Greece

The Heinrich Böll Foundation’s office in Greece has been operating in Thessaloniki since June 2012. Through a wide range of activities - educational programmes, studies, research, conferences and debates, publications, support to civil society organisations - it attempts to demonstrate alternatives and highlight policies that lead to the transformation of the Greek economy and society towards a model of ecological development, gender democracy and intercultural inclusion. The fields in which it is active are the following:

Το Ίδρυμα Χάινριχ Μπελ στην Ελλάδα


We work towards a just ecological transformation of society and economy, having as main features the energy equality, carbon neutrality, reduction of plastic waste, circular economy, and green community development.



We aim for an inclusive, gender-oriented and human rights-based governance, focusing among other things on local communities, diversity and gender.


Social Solidarity Economy (SSE)

We provide support and expertise to SSE bodies, neighbourhood-level initiatives, and commons, on topics such as care, future of work, housing, digital transformation, sustainable agri-food systems, post-growth and de-growth.



Through our regional programme on migration, which mainly concerns Turkey, Greece and the Western Balkans, we try to connect and thereby enhance refugees, migrants and host communities as well as civil society, while also strengthening their voices within EU decision-making processes.


Foreign and Security Policy

We focus on the green and gender aspects of foreign policy, aiming to make these characteristics discernible to key policy makers, journalists as well as other pertinent civil society actors.



Our office has taken on a regional role through activities and partnerships in Bulgaria, in the fields of Democracy (promotion of transparency, civic participation, accountability, pluralism and informed debate) and Ecology (with a focus on energy communities, energy poverty and environmental justice).