Educational Program on Cooperatives, Social Solidarity Economy and Community Economic Development

05-22.10.2017, Self-Help Promoting Program, Thessaloniki (Odyseeos Str. 19, 3nd floor)

Following the educational program on Cooperatives, Social and Solidarity Economy (SSE) and Community Economic Development, implemented in Athens from September until November 2016, and taking into consideration the people’s demand for the implementation of a similar educational program in Thessaloniki, we are pleased to announce the new educational program on Cooperatives, SSE and Community Economic Development to be held in Thessaloniki during October 2017 and organized by KOMVOS for Social Economy, Empowerment and Innovation in collaboration with Heinrich Böll Foundation Greece.

This program has a twofold goal: a) to contribute to the empowerment of SSE initiatives in Greece and b) to develop a multidisciplinary team for the support of these initiatives. The participants will get familiarized with a wide spectrum of thematic areas ranging from theoretical approaches to practical tools for the support of SSE initiatives. The intention is to connect theory and practice in a way which promotes sustainability and inspires the dissemination of fundamental operational values and a new paradigm for society and economy.

The program will be implemented in Thessaloniki and it is addressed to around 30 participants. Attention will be paid on the balanced distribution of different specialties while priority will be given to the regions of Thessaloniki and Northern Greece, due to the geographical focus of the previous educational program in the areas of Attica and Island Greece

The program has no participation fee and it will last 9 days each spreading over 4 learning hours (36 hours in total). The schedule foreseen is the following:


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