Energy Autonomous Islands

The Orthodox Academy of Crete in cooperation with Heinrich-Böll-Foundation Greece, the University of Kassel, the Technical University of Crete and the Technological Educational Institute of Crete organize the scientific conference "Energy autonomous islands and communities". Good practices from islands that cover their energy needs exclusively by renewable energy sources, friendly to the environment and to the society will be presented. Aim of the conference is to get the society of Crete involved in the RES vision and inform the stakeholders, the local and national policy makers, the chambers, the associations, the local community and the civil society about existing European cases, including many cases from Germany that already use successfully RES with actual environmental and economic benefits for the societies.

The conference will be held at the Orthodox Academy of Crete, Greece on Saturday 14th and Sunday 15th of November 2015.  


Saturday 14th of November

10:00          Opening  
Dr Konstantinos Zormpas, General Director of the Orthodox Academy of Crete
Olga Drossou, Heinrich-Böll-Foundation Greece        

10:15          Greetings from the Vice-Governor of Region of Crete
Virginia Manasaki – Tavernaraki   

10:30      Prospects of Green Islands: Technological, Economic and Social Approach 
Prof J.K. Kaldellis, Director, Center of Technological Research of Piraeus & Islands 

11:00      Energy autonomous island “La Gomera”, Canary Islands
Henning Meschede, M.Sc., Researcher, University of Kassel

11:30      Energy autonomous island “Juist”
Prof. Dr. Ines Carstensen, BEST-Sabel Hochschule Berlin
12:00      Questions – Discussion

12:30      Coffee Break

13:00      100% RES for Thuringia: Vision and Design
Prof. Dieter Sell, Director of the Thuringian Energy and Green Tech Agency

13:30      Cooperation Company at “Schotten”: 100% RES
Jutta Kneißel, First President of Erneuerbare Energien für Schotten e.V. 
14:00      Energy autonomous village “Jühnde” and town “Wolfhagen”
Uwe Welteke-Fabricius, 
Senior Consultant, Decentralized Energy Systems  

14:30       Questions – Discussion

15:00       Lunch

16:30       The society of Energy and the Energy of the Cretan Society
 Dr Dimitrios Christakis, Professor, Technological Educational Institute of Crete

17:00       Proposal for the island of Gavdos: 100% RES 
Ioannis Vourdoumpas, Professor, Technological Educational Institute of Crete

17:30      Development of RES as a tool for decentralized social and economic development - Proposal for the expansion of hybrid energy systems to the islands of Greece 
Dr Dimitrios Katsaprakakis, Assistant Professor, Technological Educational Institute of Crete

18:00      Zero Energy Schools at the Mediterranean 
Dr. Niki Gaitani, Researcher, National and Kapodistrian University of Athens

18:30      Questions – Discussion

19:30      End of session

Sunday 15th of November

10:00         The role of Crete as an energy center of Eastern Mediterranean
Dr Emmanouil Karapidakis, 
Associate Professor, Technological Educational Institute of Crete

10:30      Current energy status of Crete and the RES 
Gigantidou Antiopi, Hellenic Electricity Distribution Network Operator S.A.

11:00      Dimensioning of autonomous systems and presentations of examples on real time
Dr Ioannis Katsigiannis, Researcher, Technical University of Crete

11:30      Questions – Discussion

12:00      Coffee Break

12:30     Round table discussion "Designing of the Energy Future: With or Without RES?" 
Moderation: Marina Giakoumaki, Journalist, NEA TV of Crete

14.00     Closing of the conferece