Our bookstands pop up in the city

Our publications featured in Thessaloniki bookstores

Two bookstores in Thessaloniki that are writing their own history in the intellectual activity of the city, "Akivernites Polities" in Alexandrou Svolou street and "Oblik" in Spandoni street in Kapani market, hosted the publications of the Heinrich Böll Foundation on the occasion of our anniversary events.

The Foundation's office in Greece has produced more than 30 publications in recent years, on issues such as energy poverty, gender equality, racism and other forms of discrimination, asylum legislation, migration, housing and social housing, cooperative institutional framework, etc., and they are characterized by scientific methodology, reliability and completeness. Proud of this rich and important publishing activity, we wanted to bring our books closer to the public of the city, and especially to the public of small and cooperative bookstores, as our topics fall squarely within their interests and concerns. We set up special plexiglas stands in a corner inside these bookstores, letting customers see the titles, browse the books, and of course get what they want for free, as our publications, whether digital or print, are available free of charge anyway.

The project has been a great success, we are told that the public has responded very well and the stands have been in the bookstores for much longer than the one day originally planned!

Publications are an important tool of the Heinrich Böll Foundation, therefore we wanted a broader audience to get to know them and to obtain them free of charge, by setting up special stands in bookstores of Thessaloniki.
One of the spots that hosted our publications is the small bookstore "Oblik", which operates in an unexpected part of Thessaloniki, Kapani or Vlali market, namely one of the traditional markets of the city.
Our publications are in line with the Foundation's fields of activity - ecology, democracy, migration, social solidarity economy - and perfectly fit the interests of the small and cooperative bookstores' audience.
The other place where our stand was set up is the "Akivernites Polities" in Alexandrou Svolou street, a cooperative initiative that was founded in 2013 and operates as a bookstore, publishing house and café.
Our books cover topics such as energy poverty and energy democracy, gender equality, racism and other forms of discrimination, asylum legislation, social housing, cooperative institutional framework, etc.