Anna Carastathis
Feminist Autonomous Centre for research (FAC)

Anna Carastathis (PhD Philosophy, McGill University) and Myrto Tsilimpounidi (PhD Sociology, Sussex University) wrote Reproducing Refugees: Photographia of a Crisis (published in 2020) and are co-directors of the Feminist Autonomous Centre for research (FAC) in Athens. FAC is a collectively-run, community-based research centre: a space for learning, reflection, collaboration, support, exchange, knowledge production, political interventions, and  trouble-making. Working across and against nation-state and continental borders, disciplinary boundaries, and institutional barriers, we return to the feminist roots of autonomous knowledge production, challenging what counts as legitimate knowledge and who is granted the right to produce and receive it. Our feminisms are queer, trans, intersectional, anti-racist, anti-authoritarian, always in plural, reflexive, and internally contested.