Retrieved: A Feminist Foreign Policy Podcast Series - Episode #1 Why feminist foreign policy?

What is a feminist foreign policy? And why are some countries rushing to adopt it? Does it just concern women? Or is it a new, more radical approach to foreign policy looking to dismantle patriarchal structures and achieve equality for all? We sit down with Berlin-based Nina Bernarding, CEO and co-founder of the Centre for Feminist Foreign Policy, to talk about everything from working with feminist civil society in Afghanistan, to advocating fervently for disarmament, to the importance of putting people first when it comes to security.

In the series of podcasts ‘Retrieved’, by the Heinrich Böll Foundation - Thessaloniki office, we bring together experts, policy-makers and members of the civil society. We take a closer look at feminist foreign policy and what it means for the peace-building, migration, defence and many other policy areas.