The resilience of Social Solidarity Economy during the pandemic

Diverse initiatives from the field of Social Solidarity Economy with regard to their economic activity and geographical area present the consequences of the pandemic on their present and future. How did they react? Did they receive any type of support from public measures? What do they expect from the future?

The Social Cooperative Enterprise ARGO

This video-interview presents the Social Cooperative Integration Enterprise ARGO which produces organic vegetables and delivers them to interested customers in Thessaloniki through the harvest-basket. We observe how this cooperative enterprise copes with the pandemic and we listen to their expectations for the future.

The Social Cooperative Enterprise Eklektik

This video-interview presents the Social Cooperative Enterprise Eklektik which promotes products of cooperative enterprises and fair trade in Thessaloniki. We explore how the pandemic affected this enterprise (both positive and negative developments) as well as the future aspirations of these members.

DOT2DOT Social Cooperative Enterprise

This video-interview presents the Social Cooperative Enterprise Dot2Dot which specializes in alternative thematic tours in Thessaloniki. The pandemic has drastically affected this cooperative because on the spot tours were no longer an option given social distancing. However, against the odds and with optimism, these members intend to continue their work with or without state support.

The Worker Cooperative Sociality

This video-interview presents the Worker Cooperative Sociality which specializes in digital applications and digital communications in Athens. How was this cooperative, already active in digital world, affected by the pandemic?

Social Cooperative Enterprise Wind of Renewal

This video-interview presents the Social Cooperative Enterprise Wind of Renewal which promotes green and social innovation. As one of the actions of this cooperative is the operation of a hostel in central Athens, the challenges related to the pandemic come to the fore as wel as the general challenges with regard to access to funding for such an innovative venture in Greece.

Civil Non Profit Company Agroecopolis

This video-interview presents the civil non profit company Agroecopolis and its efforts to connect agroecologists and small farmers with consumers while supporting Community Supported Agriculture during the pandemic in Greece.

Pharmacists' Civil Cooperative of Thessaly

This video-interview presents the Pharmacists' Civil Cooperative of Thessaly and how it managed to procure much needed medications to all members during the pandemic while informing the general public on the real scale of risks and the appropriate ways to tackle them.