Context shots: unpacking the 2023 General Elections in Greece

A thorough collection of articles and videos, through which the interested audience - mainly the non-Greek one - has the opportunity to get relevant information about the general elections of 2023 in Greece, both on 21 May and 25 June.


Commentaries on the election result of the 21 May vote, which took everyone by surprise with the large difference between the first and second party


Just a few days before the parliamentary elections of 21 May 2023 in Greece, the staff of the Heinrich Böll Foundation, Thessaloniki Office, maps the urgent issues of concern to Greek society and highlights some key points of what is at stake in these polls.

Online event

An online event held on May 15 by Europe Calling & Heinrich Böll Foundation, Thessaloniki Office - Greece, which attempted to answer question such as; What is at stake at these elections? What are the big topics? How are the austerity measures enforced in the aftermath of the financial crisis affecting Greece today? What role do climate and environmental issues play in the campaigns?