The Climate Crisis and Energy Quiz

We learn by playing and observing - educational game

What does energy consumption have to do with the climate crisis?

How can our daily habits affect the environment?

What small and big steps can we take to save energy and money?


The attendees of this action will discover the answers to these and other questions by playing together an environmental quiz about energy and climate change designed by the organization "Antigone"! Everyone will express their ideas and suggestions for a sustainable planet!

At the same time, the Energy Community River organization will hold a workshop on what an Energy Community is and how to create one, which will appeal to all ages. Participants will learn about how a group (community) can produce energy by using collaborative tools, and they will be able to get a free copy of our Foundation's publication, the guide "Building Energy Communities in Greece". This guide clarifies the operational framework of energy communities, their role in a just energy transition and provides both theoretical and practical information for their development.

The action will take place at the ActionAid Centre in Thessaloniki (7 Navarino Square, Thessaloniki). Those who attend will have the opportunity to watch a virtual reality (augmented reality) video that ActionAid filmed after a mission to Senegal, as part of the #ClimateOfChange project, in order to raise awareness about climate change and its consequences, while highlighting the need for climate justice in Greece and around the world.



ANTIGONE – Information and Documentation Centre on Racism, Ecology, Peace and Non-Viοlence

‘ANTIGONE – Information and Documentation Centre on Racism, Ecology, Peace and Non-Viοlence’ is an independent social non-profit organization with its basis in Thessaloniki and offices in Athens. It was found with the initiative of Ecological Movement of Thessaloniki and since 1993 it is activated in issues concerning racism, discrimination, human rights, social ecology, peace and non-violent resolution of conflicts.


Community Energy River (CER)

CER’s vision is a fair transition to a new way of producing and consuming energy locally. It is addressed to citizens and groups of citizens (Municipality, Company, Energy Community). It offers, according to your specific conditions and needs, participatory workshops and digital or material tools for energy saving, green energy, photovoltaic energy production, and energy communities. It also offers consulting services and produces research on these issues. CER promotes citizens’ participation in the transition to a different energy model and their familiarity with new technologies and the idea of local production and energy consumption.


ActionAid Youth Centre Thessaloniki

The ActionAid Centre in Thessaloniki promotes the active participation of young people in the life of the city through employability, arts and volunteering. Through its actions, it aims to strengthen young people's skills, enabling them to play an active role in the cultural, social and economic life of their city, creating the framework for them to become protagonists in a sustainable city.



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ActionAid Youth Centre Thessaloniki (7 Navarinou sq.)


React! Ideas in motion - 30 June 2022