European Youth Dialogue 2014 (EYD) was organised by the Heinrich Boell Foundation in cooperation with many European and local partners. It took place in Thessaloniki, a few days before the European elections considering itself as a political manifestation: Youth is “systemically” relevant, their hopes and needs concern everybody in Europe! The EYD gave the opportunity to around 100 young people from all over Europe to meet, to enhance their networks and to send the message “The youth will take the future in their own hands by reclaiming it!”

Learn more and show your support to the anti-racist initiative select respect. Because the discrimination and social exclusion experienced by people based on sex, racial or ethnic origin, sexual identity, disability, religious and political beliefs concerns and affects us all.

Learn more about the Greek Green Cities Network which aims at raising awareness among citizens and municipalities with regard to green issues, sharing expertise on green managemen among municipalities and support the development of green practices and initiatives at a local level.


    What is social economy? How can I start my own social cooperative enterprise? Answers to these questions, practical tips and useful links can be found in the information portal about social economy, which aims to encourage, support and accelerate the self-organization of Koin.S.Ep. and generally of the social economy actors in Greece.

    Are you already involved or would like to participate effectively in the development and implementation of policies on issues that concern you? Learn about the procedures, the legal framework, share good practices and contact Greek and German networks.

    More than 160 cyclists coming from 28 organizations and 19 cities of Greece and Cyprus participated in the first Biciklopaideia, a four-day cycling conference held from 28 November to 1 December 2013 in Thessaloniki. The program included among many things, two open meetings which resulted in the creation of a national cooperation network of cyclists and cycling organizations for the support and promotion of their role in designing sustainable urban mobility in Greek cities towards a national policy for cycling .


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