Select Respect Festival 2020


This years' Select Respect Festival, in response to the particular conditions of the time, arrives through the internet. Free of charge as always, it sensitizes, provides food for thought in an effort to mobilize through films, parallel discussions, creating a community whose members can be far apart but very close at the same time, together in solidarity.


With over 3.000 participations at the competition, from which 46 short-films were selected on the issues of lgbtqi+ rights, migration, war, racism, gender equality, accessibility and disability as well as with other movies of social content culminating into a moderm problematic on morality and man. Moreover, the Festival will host the following special screening and live discussions:

• Thursday 19/11 at 18:30-21:00 - Live discusson "The next day for the Far-Right and democracy: The landmark trial of 07.10.20"

• Friday 20/11 at 18:30-21:00 - Live discussion "Human rights in times of COVID-19", co-organised with the Greenwave Festival.

• Saturday 21/11 out of the competition framework the following screenings will take place:
- "Nimic", a movie of Yorgos Lanthimos
- "Fairytale", a documentary from AddArtένα ντοκιμαντέρ της Addart
- "The girls’ voices", a short-film by NAOMI

Within the framework of the competition, prized will be awarded including among others the "Select Respect" award from the organisations of the network as well as the "Tzanetos Antypas" award in memory of the founder of PRAKSIS

The movies will be available from 19/11 and on at
The live discussions will be broadcasted through the facebook page of the Select Respect Network and through the ZOOM application (link to be announced through Select Respect Facebook page)