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Energy poverty in Greece 2.0

Policy developments and social innovation: proposals for combatting it
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Energy poverty as a phenomenon and the resolution of the problems creates for modern societies a global challenge.
This pressing challenge is affected by a complex interplay of rising energy prices and inability of people to pay up their bills. Stagnating or decreasing income, high levels of unemployment and a low rate of energy efficiency upgrades in residential buildings with a negative social, environmental and economic impact.
The aim of "Energy Poverty in Greece 2.0", a follow up to the first edition (2017), is to highlight this social problem and trigger a public debate on the need for a systematic treatment. The updated version "Energy Poverty in Greece 2.0" includes the latest political developments in Greece and the rest of Europe, such as the establishment of the European Observatory on Energy Poverty, the revision of the "Clean Energy for all" policy package, the introduction of the Law on Energy Communities in Greece, as well as part of the results of the poll on raising citizens' awareness in the phenomenon.
Last but not least, it presents interesting examples and policy proposals for the fight against energy poverty in Greece with a holistic approach aimed at addressing the root causes of the phenomenon in a cross-cutting and socially innovative way.


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October 2020
Heinrich Boell Stiftung Greece