Select Respect Festival 2019

SRF 2019

21 November 2019, Municipality of Thessaloniki (Anagnostakis Room)
22-24 November 2019, Warehouse D, Thessaloniki Port
Free Entrance

The Select Respect Festival 2019 is structured around the thematic "City and Diversity". In particular, on 21 and 22 of November discussions and workshops will take place on matters of discrimination and gender equality with NGOs as well as representatives of public authorities. The Festival will continue with screenings of movies on human rights, along with public discussions with filmmakers, theatre acts and concerts.

See below the programme of the screenings

Room 1
Friday 22.11.2019

Forum Theater
«Take your place with us or with them»
Lab without borders, direction Sofia Kyprianidou
Duration 90'

Saturday 23.11.2019
17 00 – 21 00  Transnational Event
Live performance by Divarco (17:30-18:30)
1000 Words Against Hate Speech” Exhibition by AddArt and "The Others", Photo Exhibition by Nopi Ranti (Saturday, 18:30-19:00)
Performance Live Music and Video Show ( 20:00-21:30) and audio cinematic experimental project of Diego Mar

21 30 Experiment ERT, a film by Ioannis Remoundos
Discussion with Ioanna Nteri - Responsible for Health Education Network of Secondary Education on the thematic "For a participatory and democratic school. School mediation - A tool for peaceful resolution of conflict"

Sunday 24.11.2019
17 00 -19 00 “The power of self-narration in documentary film workshops: the case Flying Roots” of Michele Aiello κand the ZaLab team

Room 2

Friday 22.11.2019
16 00 – 19 00 Film Competition
Pansy | Fabricio Nardocci | Duration11:25
The heritage| Felipe Arnuncio | Duration17:59
Whirling up: that simple | Can Adiloglou | Duration16:46
Let's continue to the course | Suat Oktay Senocak| Duration17:25
Between the lines| Frederic Farrucci| Duration19:08
Willingness to help in war| Barbora Johansson | Duration 25:00
Knitted Beliefs | Salman Alam Khan | Duration15:00
Alarga | Soner Sert | Duration 9:08
The Lost ones |Maria Castillejo Carmen, Maelle Grand Bossi, Elisabeth Silveiro | Duration 13:00
8 poems of emigration | Kurtulus Ozgen| Duration 11:00
The city of honey| Moein Ruholamini | Duration 7:30
Goldfish | Yorgos Angelopoulos | Duration 14:21
19 30 Opening Ceremony and presentation of the Select Respect Network
20 30 Under the city's skin, Morteza Jafari
Q and A on the movie and disabilities, coordinattion Ageliki-Gabriella Sampsonidou

Saturday 23.11.2019
16 00 – 19 00 Film Competition
Rainbow roses | Petra Terzi | Duration 14:47
See beyond |George Dorobantu|  Duration 1:05
Just different| Zoe Beekes|  Duration 10:30
#Black Pride London| Damien Swaby | Duration 13:04
Cengiz | Omer Disbudak| Duration 10:00
The violet | Baqer Al-Rubaie| Duration 18:30
Am I worthless?| Danial Afzal, Mehr Sher| Duration 22:28
Switch| Marion Renard|  Duration 17:43
Driving lesson| Jarno Lindemark| Duration 15:00
Black  money | Rahula Jayasekara| Duration 11:08
I am Zal |Hooman Naderi|  Duration 13:32
In plain sight| Magnus Berggren| Duration 7:30
Skin | Guy Nattiv| Duration 20:00

19 10 -20 00 Screening of Short Animation Films by Thessaloniki Animation Festival
20 30 “U” of Menelaos Siafakas. a movie on Zac Kostopoulos
“Escape” Vinicius Sassine, Mariana Paschoal, Julien Mérienne, Maria Chatzi
Q and A on Zac Kostopoulos, the trans movement today, coordination Anastasios Zarifis of Greek Transgender Association and Yorgos Tsitiridis of Pharos of the World

Synday 24.11.19
16 00 – 19 00 Film competition
Urbanude| Manos Mpatzolis|  Duration 12:20
Prisoner of Society| Rati Tsiteladze| Duration 15:00
Zulu Rema has learned to fly| Gaia Vianello| Duration 14:49
Solomos | Vicky Arvelaki | Duration 15:00
 (in)visible worlds | Zuzana Hudacekova| Duration 20:53
Lust | Maria Zitaki, Giannis Tsiachristas | Duration 20:00
Bare life | Romina Achatz, Mathilde De Brancion| Duration 15:59
A new family | Joaho Pedro Borsani| Duration 16:53
But I came by land| Oguz Cicek| Duration 19:30
Magical | Bahador Adab| Duration 9:00
Tales of cruising in India | Anindya Shankar Das| Duration 23:00

19 30 Greek Animal Rescue  of Menelaos Karamaggiolis
Q and A on animal rights with director Menelaos Karamaggiolis, coordination Efi Dodoura
21 00 Awards Ceremony
Screening of the award winning movies

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