Festival Greenwave 2019


With the central theme of the Climate Crisis, the Greenwave Festival takes place for the 9th year in Thessaloniki, 12-15.09.2019 at the Municipal Park of YMCA, with screenings, workshops, events, exhibitions, eco-bazaar, vegan cuisine and interesting discussions with experts

Greenwave Festival 2019

Thursday 12-15.9.2019
Municipal Park of YMCA
Free entrance

The program of this alternative ecological festival organized by the Ecological Movement, in collaboration with organizations and groups of the city, and implemented by many volunteers focuses in climate crisis, a topic with many aspects that moves more and more people of all age groups, also in Greece. So, the central discussion rounds on the three main days of festival revolved around topics such as:

  • Climate crisis, energy policy and mining: with representatives of environmental initiatives and academics such as Sarantis Dimitriadis, Professor of Geology, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki and Rigas Tsakiris, Forester, PhD, MSc in Ecology
  • Climate crisis and lifestyle change, activists present the choices of we have in everyday life to become more sustainable, such as modern nutrition, reuse as a lifestyle, zero waste management etc. 
  • Governance and response to the climate crisis, a discussion with representatives of city parliaments of different parts of Greece such as Lefteris Ioannidis former mayor of Kozani, Georgios Dimarelos former deputy mayor of Thessaloniki and Aristeidis Papadakis, former regional Councilor in Crete.

Parallel, and during the whole day, many presentations, discussions and workshops are organised by more than 25 participating organisations which will attract a large number of citizens.

Every day of the Festival will host a live broadcast by the European School Radio
Also there will be buffet with wonderful vegan dishes/pastries and exhibitors / three eco-bazaars.
The proceeds of the festival will be used for solidarity actions of the Ecological Movement of Thessaloniki and the social space-Oikopolis.