2nd Select Respect Film Festival

2nd Select Respect Film Festival


The competitive character the Select Respect Film Festival acquires this year concerns short movies and it aims at intesifying the public dialogue between film makers and the viewers in order to shed light on matters pertaining to human rights, the social conditions fueling discrimination and social exclusion that people are subjected to on the basis of sex, racial or national background, sexual orientation, gender identity, disability or regilious and political beliefs. Shedding light on these issues through cinema, the sensitizing and especially informing the audience through discussions at central events of the three-day festival, providing space for dialogue and the exchange of views, are some of the main aims of the Festival

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June 1-3. Screening hours:17:00 – 23:00
OLYMPION cinema, Pavlos Zannas screening room, Thessaloniki

Free entrance

The programme is rich in film experiences with 35 short-films of Greek film makers, 3 screenings of long-length films from Greek film-makers with discussions following and other parallel events. At the Closing Ceremony two awards will  be given: The "Select Respect" award for a film chosen by the organizations participating in the network and the "Tzanetos Antypas" award in memory of the human rights activist and founder of PRAKSIS. Moreover, the Opening Ceremony will be the launch of the Select Respect Campaign aiming at the sensitization of the public in the all the more increasing incidents of racist violence, in the framework of which a number of activities will take place until the end of 2018.

The Festival is organised by fourteen (14) NGOs and other entities active in the protection of human rights, the combatting of discrimination and the respect for diversity who came together in founding the Select Respect Network as a common platform to intensify their actions through cooperation and synergies. The organizations are ANTIGONE - Information and Documentation Center on Racism, Ecology, Peace and Non-Violence, Addart, ARSIS - Association for the Social Support of Youth, Dialogos, the Hellenic League for Human and Citizens' Rights, the Greek Council for Refugees, the Heinrich Boell Foundation - Office Thessaloniki Greece, The Ecological Movement of Thessaloniki, The Transgender Association, The Pharos of the World, PRAKSIS, Symbiosis, Terre des Hommes and the Thessaloniki Pride.

The programm is available in Greek here

For more information:
Contact person: Thodoris Diamantopoulos
email: info[@]selectrespect.org
Tel: 2310/556-145 and 6992337813


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