Presentation of Racist Violence Incidents in 2017

Presentation of Racist Violence Incidents in 2017


The Select Respect Network launches the information campaign "Do Something" on racist violence by organizing an event where the Racist Violence Recording Network presents the results of recording racist violence for 2017. A Round Table will follow on the matters of existing activites combatting Racist Violence, reflection and good practices in relation to prevention.

May 30 at 10:00                                           
Manolis Anagnostakis Room of the Municipality of Thessaloniki


10.00 | Presenation of the Recorded Violence Incidents with a racist motivation for 2017


  • Tina Stavrinaki, Dina Vardaramatou | Racist Violence Recording Network
  • Emmanouela Ketsiatzi | Racism Prosecutor of Thessaloniki
  • Asimina Gondolia | Department of Combatting Racist Violence Thessaloniki  
  • Theoni Koufonikolakou | Childrens' Ombudsman

12:30 | Break

12.45 - 14.30 | Round Table " Activities & Reflections on Combatting Racist Violence"

The Round Table is not open to the general public
The  venue is accessible for peopple with reduced mobility.

The information campaign of the Select Respect Network "Do Something" on racist violence, aims at informing the general public about what is considered racist violence  in Greece and where they can turn to face it. The need for the realisation of this campaign arose as a continuum of the discussions and workshops that took place in November 2017 in the framework of the Select Respect Forum, where various public authorities and NGOs exchanged views and good practices on the fields of tackling discrimination, human rights in education and the refugee crisis.


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