Cost of lignite-fired power generation

In 2014, the Greek Public Power Corporation (PPC) commissioned a study to Booz & Co Consultants in order to compare the costs of lignite-fired power generation in the lignite-mining European countries (Germany, Poland, Greece, Turkey, Czech Republic, Romania, Bulgaria, Serbia) in the year 2012, in view of identifying the key cost parameters and the differences among the various lignite systems in Europe.

According to the findings, the cost of extraction in Greece (at € 2.12 per ton) is the lowest, comparable to that in Germany. However, if the extremely low calorific value of Greek lignite is taken into consideration (as well as other variable production cost parameters), then lignite-fired power generation in Greece proves to be the costliest in Europe, at 59.9 €/MWh, vs. 53.6 in Germany, 39.0 in the Czech Republic, 38.6 in Poland, 54.2 in Romania, 31.6 in Bulgaria, 40.3 in Serbia, and 52.7 in Turkey.