Social Economy An Alternative

Director Sofia Papachristou and cinematographer Kostas Papanastasatos travelled for one month through several European countries, in order to interview and document social-cooperative enterprises. The documentary displays the impressive range of sectors and forms of common good-oriented cooperatives and conveys an impression about this sector’s economic significance in Europe which has proven to be relatively stable in the backdrop of the current economical crisis.

The documentary is a production of Heinrich Böll Stiftung Greece with the support of the former MEP member of EFA, Nikos Chrysogelos.


Social Economy: An Alternative - A Documentary by Sofia Papachristou - Reparatur- und Servicezentrum R.U.S.Z.

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The documentary is available for non-profit screenings in the following versions:

  • English language (long version 80 min, short version 50 min)
  • With Greek subtitles (80 min, 50 min)

It is also available with Serbian subtitles produced by the Heinrich Böll Foundation Belgrade. Find more here.

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