European Pillar of Social Rights and Youth Policy in the EU


In the context of the series of lectures and seminars "Debates on the Future of Europe", an international conference and seminar on the European Pillar of Social Rights and the Youth Policy in the EU, will be held on 16 and 17 May 2018 in Thessaloniki.

Energy Atlas in a nutshell


The Energy Atlas depicts the state of Europe’s energy transition, combining facts on renewable energy in Europe and 45 innovative graphics, with country-by-country data, across 20 chapters. Find out more about the key findings.

Social Solidarity Economy and Social Inclusion


Responding to the intensified social inclusion needs of vulnerable social groups (mainly but not exclusively refugees and migrants), the ERGANI Centre for the Support of Women Employment and Entrepreneurship in partership with Heinrich Boell Stiftung Greece, the Self-Help Promoting Programme of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, the Network of Social Cooperative Enterprises of Central Macedonia, the Greek Social Entrepreneurship Forum and the Select Respect Forum decided to organize a focused training seminar. The seminar is addressed to professionals in support centres for vulnerable social groups as well as to intercultural mediators.

The Heinrich-Böll-Stiftung is the German political foundation, affiliated with the German Green Party (Bündnis 90/Die Grünen). With headquarters in Berlin and offices all around the world, our international network acts as a catalyst for green visions and projects, a think tank for policy reforms.

The foundation's office in Greece is based in Thessaloniki since 2012. Our program intends to advance democracy and democratic governance, the protection of human rights, promote political dialogue, develop new concepts and practices towards a socio-ecological transformation of the economy focusing on energy transition and social solidarity economy through publications, capacity building workshops, seminars, conferences, study visits and international exchange programs.

We also place particular emphasis on gender democracy and intercultural inclusion aiming at the emancipation and the granting of equal rights to all social groups facing discriminations and the risk of social exclusion.


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The work of Heinrich Böll Foundation Greece in the field of Ecology revolves around just energy transition and environmental sustainability. Our goal is to encourage decision makers and public administrations at local, regional and national levels to establish policies and implement measures in cooperation with our partners, and to empower civil society actors to advocate and engage in activities for a democratic, ecological transformation of Greek society and economy towards social justice and gender equality.

Energy Transition

Phasing-out Coal; Reinventing European Regions


Coal regions not only hold major political powers but are also crucial economic assets for Member States. The "Phasing-out Coal -Reinventing European Regions" report, by the Greens, provides key information on the role of coal-mining in the socio-economic structure of four European regions and how existing European structural instruments could be utilised for a just energy transition. The event is postponed

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GreenWave Festival 2017

The GreenWave Festival 2017,organized by the Ecological Movement of Thessaloniki for the seventh year in a row, in cooperation with Heinrich Boell Stiftung Greece has peace as its main subject. Within the auspices of the Festival, events are organized with the subject of war and environment, the history of the peace movement as well as the impact of nazism and racism with the culminating point of the Holocaust of Jews.

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Social Solidarity Economy

Setting up and strengthening of energy cooperatives in Greece


How do we inform citizens about setting up an energy cooperative? What training needs arise as citizens become prosumers? These are some of the questions that will be discussed at the workshop "Setting up and strenthening of energy cooperatives in Greece" that will be held on Friday 1 December, in Athens. 

Social Solidarity Economy in Greece: A priority agenda

Which are the main trends and developments with regard to Social and Solidarity Economy in Greece in the field and at the institutional level? What is the contribution of Heinrich Böll Foundation Greece. This article answers these questions and many more...

By Sofia Adam

Social Solidarity Economy, defined as the set of different economic practices addressing social needs based on free collaboration and mutual support, is one of the main intervention fields of Heinrich Böll Stiftung in Greece. We want to contribute to the development of SSE practices in Greece on solid ground and proper principles, considering SSE a decisive force for the democratic and ecological transformation of economy and society.


Mazedonien Konflikt: Wütende Kundgebungen und nationalistische Sackgasse


Das „mazedonische Problem“ ist Gegenstand und Ergebnis einer aufgeregten öffentlichen Debatte. Die Aufregung rührt auch daher, dass wir einer für beide Seiten akzeptablen Lösung noch nie so nah waren. Aber beiden Seiten fällt es schwer, den eingeschlagenen Weg der Annäherung bis zum Ende zu gehen.

By Kostis Papaioannou

With Europe and the EU facing a time of political and financial crisis, the threats of rising Euroscepticism and populism are increasing. Against this backdrop our work in Greece aims at combating the ideologies of inequality by fostering civil society initiatives towards human rights protection and social inclusion policies as well as at deepening democratic governance through substantial citizens´ participation in political processes at all levels.

Human Rights

Select Respect Forum

Select Respect Forum "Human rights in practice - Social inclusion, discrimination, diversity" organized by the Select Respect  Network for the first time 23-25 of November in Thessaloniki

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Deepening Democracy

Debates on the future of Europe

"Debates on the future of Europe" is a series of lectures and seminars discussing the future of the European integration. In the context of this series of debates, Professor Ulrike Liebert from the University of Bremen, gave a lecture on the subject of "Democratisation in the framework of the multilevel European governance.

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Anti-Semitism in Greece today


Examining the anti-Semitism phenomenon in Greece in the 21st century is based on the observation that post-Auschwitz anti-Semitism has not been eradicated neither in Greece nor in the rest of Europe, but is instead rising as evidence from recent studies show.

Lignite in the Greek Energy System


Overview of Lignite in Greek energy system, data and challenges for the transition to a post-lignite era and the utilising of the wealth of renewable sources in the country.