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Legally combatting Gender-based Discrimination in Greece


This study reflects and evaluates the current institutional framework for combatting gender discrimination in Greece by focusing on the laws voted by the Parlement in recent years concerning the protection of the rights of victims of gender violence, especially women, as well as the basic rights of the LGBTQI+ community where Greece lagged far behind other European countries.

Legally combatting Gender-based Discrimination in Greece


Heinrich Boell Foundation Greece presents the study "Legally combatting Gender-based Discrimination in Greece" in cooperation with the Select Repsect Network and the Gender Alliance Initiative on 27 of June in Thessaloniki. An experiential seminar is also organised following the presentation on 28 of June. Expressions of interest up to 12/06

Human rights & Democracy in School


On Friday 12 and Saturday 13 April 2019, a seminar on gender identity, human rights and democracy in school was organised for educators in Thessaloniki, following two seminars on gender identity which took place in February in Athens

Select Respect Forum 2018


The Select Respect Forum 2018 "Human Rights in Practice - Social Inclusion, discrimination, diversity" is organized for the second year by the select Respect Network from 15 to 17 November 2018  at Fix in Art in Thessaloniki.

Thessaloniki - Facetten einer Stadt


Im Rahmen der Europäischen Kulturtage „Thessaloniki – Facetten einer Stadt“ des Museums Europäischer Kulturen in Berlin (9.8.-9.9.2018) organisierte die Heinrich Böll Stiftung Griechenland die zwei Veranstaltungen mit großer Bedeutung für den deutsch-griechischen Dialog: Salonica –Erinnerungen an das untergegangene  'Jerusalem des Balkans' und Solidarität in Zeiten der Krise in Thessaloniki.

Thessaloniki Animation Festival 2018


The Thessaloniki Animation Festival (TAF), the second largest Animation Festival in Greece, takes place for the 4th consecutive year in Thessaloniki 18-21 of October, with screenings taking place at "MAKEDONIKON" Cinema, while there will be workshops and screenings for children at the Central Municipal Library.

2nd Select Respect Film Festival


The 2nd Select Respect Film Festival for the respect of diversity and human rights is now a reality. It takes place from June 1st to June 3rd 2018, at the Pavlos Zannas screening room, at the Aristotelous square, in Thessaloniki.

Select Respect Forum

Select Respect Forum "Human rights in practice - Social inclusion, discrimination, diversity" organized by the Select Respect  Network for the first time 23-25 of November in Thessaloniki