Legally combatting Gender-based Discrimination in Greece


Heinrich Boell Foundation Greece presents the study "Legally combatting Gender-based Discrimination in Greece" in cooperation with the Select Repsect Network and the Gender Alliance Initiative on 27 of June in Thessaloniki. An experiential seminar is also organised following the presentation on 28 of June. Expressions of interest up to 12/06

Europe after the Elections - New challenges and uncertainties


The European Union is at historic crossroads, since the choices of the next five-year period will be decisive for its future and form. The "Debates on the Future of Europe" analyses this time the results of the European elections and the day after. Wednesday 12.06.2019 at ESHEM-th, Thessaloniki

Human rights & Democracy in School


On Friday 12 and Saturday 13 April 2019, a seminar on gender identity, human rights and democracy in school was organised for educators in Thessaloniki, following two seminars on gender identity which took place in February in Athens

Public Policies for Social Solidarity Economy


The Greek Social Entrepreneurship Forum co-organized with Heinrich Boell Foundation Thessaloniki Office in Greece a roundtable on Public Policies for Social Solidarity Economy at the Office of the European Parliament in Athens, on 15/3/2019, 11:00-15:00.


By Sofia Adam

Τhe Heinrich-Böll-Stiftung is the German political foundation, affiliated with the German Green Party (Bündnis 90/Die Grünen). With headquarters in Berlin and offices all around the world, our international network acts as think tank and a catalyst for green visions, strategies and for policy reforms towards a democratic, socio-ecological transition of society and economy.
The foundation's office in Greece is based in Thessaloniki since 2012. Our program intends to advance democracy and democratic governance, the protection of human rights, promote political dialogue, develop new concepts and practices towards a socio-ecological transformation of the economy focusing on energy transition and social solidarity economy We also place particular emphasis on gender democracy and intercultural inclusion aiming at the emancipation and the granting of equal rights to all social groups facing discriminations and the risk of social exclusion. We also place particular emphasis on gender democracy and intercultural inclusion aiming at the emancipation and the granting of equal rights to all social groups facing discriminations and the risk of social exclusion.




The work of Heinrich Böll Foundation Greece in the field of Ecology revolves around just energy transition and environmental sustainability. Our goal is to encourage decision makers and public administrations at local, regional and national levels to establish policies and implement measures in cooperation with our partners, and to empower civil society actors to advocate and engage in activities for a democratic, ecological transformation of Greek society and economy towards social justice and gender equality.

Energy Transition

Fossil-Fuel Doublespeak

On paper, almost every government in the world is committed to reducing greenhouse-gas emissions and keeping global temperatures limited to 1.5°C above pre-industrial levels. But too many governments, parroting the oil and gas industry's misleading claims, are actually supporting the expansion of fossil fuel production.

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GreenWave Festival 2017

The GreenWave Festival 2017,organized by the Ecological Movement of Thessaloniki for the seventh year in a row, in cooperation with Heinrich Boell Stiftung Greece has peace as its main subject. Within the auspices of the Festival, events are organized with the subject of war and environment, the history of the peace movement as well as the impact of nazism and racism with the culminating point of the Holocaust of Jews.

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Social Solidarity Economy

Social Entrepreneurship Forum 2018

The Social Entrepreneurship Forum is organized for the fifth year in the row in Athens with the participation of initiatives and enteprrises active in Social Solidarity Economy, on 23-25 November 2018.

Study Visit for Social Solidarity Economy

Heinrich Boell Foundation in Greece, in cooperation with Heinrich Boell Foundation in Serbia, Montenegro and Kossovo, co-organize a study tour for the exchange of ideas and practices between Social Solidarity Economy initiatives from Greece and social enterprises from Serbia and Bosnia Herzegovina.

Social Solidarity Economy, defined as the set of different economic practices addressing social needs based on free collaboration and mutual support, is one of the main intervention fields of Heinrich Böll Stiftung in Greece. We want to contribute to the development of SSE practices in Greece on solid ground and proper principles, considering SSE a decisive force for the democratic and ecological transformation of economy and society.


With Europe and the EU facing a time of political and financial crisis, the threats of rising Euroscepticism and populism are increasing. Against this backdrop our work in Greece aims at combating the ideologies of inequality by fostering civil society initiatives towards human rights protection and social inclusion policies as well as at deepening democratic governance through substantial citizens´ participation in political processes at all levels.

Human Rights

Select Respect Forum 2018


The Select Respect Forum 2018 "Human Rights in Practice - Social Inclusion, discrimination, diversity" is organized for the second year by the select Respect Network from 15 to 17 November 2018  at Fix in Art in Thessaloniki.

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Deepening Democracy

«Whole of Government» als migrationspolitische Perspektive


Ausgehend vom ganzheitlichen Ansatz „Whole of Governance“, der dieses Politikfeld als ressortübergreifende Querschnittsaufgabe betrachtet, unterbreitet der Artikel Handlungsempfehlungen für die Etablierung eines Rahmens für die bessere Abstimmung, Kommunikation, Kooperation des politischen Handelns.

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Legally combatting Gender-based Discrimination in Greece


This study reflects and evaluates the current institutional framework for combatting gender discrimination in Greece by focusing on the laws voted by the Parlement in recent years concerning the protection of the rights of victims of gender violence, especially women, as well as the basic rights of the LGBTQI+ community where Greece lagged far behind other European countries.

Anti-Semitism in Greece today


Examining the anti-Semitism phenomenon in Greece in the 21st century is based on the observation that post-Auschwitz anti-Semitism has not been eradicated neither in Greece nor in the rest of Europe, but is instead rising as evidence from recent studies show.